Nylon Mallets

nylone_ mallets

We are manufacturers, exporters and dealers of "PAT" Brand Nylon Mallets. Made from tough nylon material. Non-chipping, Non-splitting, wears resisting, waterproof, oil proof. Non-spark. The Mallet is suitable for light hammering on wood or on thin metals. Preferred by instrument makes or model makers.

Application : Sheet Metal and Automobile Industries, Gun Powder and Ordinance Factories, Mines, Aircraft Industries, Maintenance works. Quite safe because of non-spark. Recommended for use in place of Rawhide Mallet where damp conditions exist.

Ref. No:


NM-62 NM-63 NM-64 NM-65 NM-66 NM-67 NM-68 NM-69

Dia mm


32 38 44 50 63 70 76 89

Appx. kg




0.225 0.300 0.500 0.670 0.853 1.000


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